Database Comparer
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When you compare database content, there's a big chance that you end up comparing apples with oranges. What you want to know is there, but it's buried in information that's not at all relevant.

What you need is extensive filtering before you run a comparison. Only if record field 'x' of record 'one' in database 'first' contains value 'y' and record field 'z' contains value 'm', compare it with record 'two' in database 'second'. 

Database Comparer alows you to create extensive filters, both to obtain Data Sets from any database, and to compare databases.

In short, you can filter out any subset of records based on any combination of record field values from any of your databases, be it your Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAP environment, Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases, or Data Files.

You can subsequently save these queries so that the same real time information is only a few mouse clicks away, always.